life is crazy

you never know how hard it is to have to leave people you have known for your whole life and the the new group of people you let in leave you too
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hey yall its been a while

so this weekend was fun i went to party at another daves house it was fun thats all i have to says but matty and adam are hot yes oh yes they are life is sweet and fun beside bitch fucking girls they will always be there

setting the record straight

i dont like chris anymore he made me feel like shit i hated myself b/c of him he made me feel stupid he didnt care about me i dont like him i have someone else who really does care and is hot and treats me like i should be treated christoper was a jerk to me

im freaking excited

for one i will 19 in 8 days fuck yeah and im moving out soon i cant freaking wait im excited about thursday which is the choir concert for the big part freaking chadio talked about mr d at work which made me think of smity i miss smity chad is a whore then weekend im going to a party out in tempe yeah i know dave will be there oh no i have seen him in a week oh well i will get over it


there is something that happens very day there will never be a normal day one of my friend got a phone call saying she has abnormal cell around her ovaries which the worst could be cancer my dog had another seizure that 2 in 2 days its the scariest thing every to see not a good day and at greenway on the freeway i ran over something ang i dont know what it was but it was bad it scared the shit out of me

i havent really updated this thingy in awhile

ok ya'll life is so fucking interesting everyday is adventurger i have seen thing i have never thought i would ever seen i have done thing i have never thought i would do i still freaking working at a dead end job at petco but at least i have fun but i miss the boyes who usless to work there they were crazy and funny now i work w/ all mrhs alumis the do coke and weed then there is chadio omgish i dont know if you guys know him he is crazy yeah he is he is like tripolar but yeah i miss the old boys well i miss dave dont hate the game hate the player right right thats all i have to say about that he will be back i know that i go out to to much i dont sleep enought normal college student right right wow my life has changed so freaking much you would never believe it but i havent changed and im moving out hopefully christmas i cant wait living on my own yall have to see the house i will be living in its a town house yall have to seee it and chill at my house my room will be sick i love my roommate more than anymore i will be crazy crazy crazy shit remember dont hate the game hate the game and i hate that player right now
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i push

i figure out i push away the people i really care about i rarely let anyone in anymore i get hurt and i cover it up i never believe people i have trust issues i get very lonely but im never alone im extremist im either very happy or very sad the pass still haunts me i want to get out of here

last night

i cant keep on doing this last night i when to seany house w/ stephy and then we went to his friends random apartment and we sat outside for like an hour or two then sean inite us back to his house but we said no and went home